Entrance Gate to Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills - A traditional Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles

Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills – Jewish Cemetery in Los Angeles

Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills, a Jewish Cemetery in Los Angeles, at sunset

The Heritage Mosaic at Mount Sinai - Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills, a Jewish Cemetery in Los Angeles

As the largest Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles, Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills, which opened to the public in 1955, has become an iconic landmark recognized for its stunning views, compassionate service and overall commitment to Jewish tradition. For over 60 years, it has been our privilege to assist families from all sectors of the Los Angeles Jewish community by providing heartfelt comfort, tradition and caring service during the time when it is needed the most.

Adjacent to Griffith Park, the serene landscape of our traditional Jewish cemetery is accented by mature trees (all trees planted on the property, including Olive, Acacia and Cypress) are specifically mentioned in the Torah.  Our rolling hillsides are further enhanced by the placement of colorful flower beds and dramatic artwork which offers the perfect environment for remembrance and meditation.  To ensure that our lawns remain green, since 1987 we have used reclaimed/recycled water for all of our landscaping and irrigation.  

Today Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills offers a wide variety of interment spaces including traditional ground burial, family gardens and, above-ground wall crypts.  We offer traditional individual, companion or tiered ground spaces for individuals, couples and large families.  We are honored that so many families have trusted and continue to trust Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills as a traditional Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles.

Mount Sinai is dedicated to the Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles and we are sensitive to the languages, customs and traditions of every segment of our community.

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Heritage Mosaic at Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills

The Heritage Mosaic
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Blessings Mosaic at Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills

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