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plan a traditional Jewish funeral. One call takes care of everything.

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חברה קדישא

According to traditional Jewish practices, the Chevra Kadisha / חברה קדישא is an organization traditionally composed of volunteers who ensure that the bodies of Jews are prepared for burial according to Halacha (Jewish law) and are protected from desecration, willful or not, until burial.

Today, in many ways, Mount Sinai functions as a Chevra Kadisha for the entire Los Angeles Jewish community by offering the traditional Jewish observances of Taharah (Ritual Washing) and Sh’mira (Watching over the Deceased and reciting Psalms).  Each and every day, our staff works diligently proffer the highest degree of Kovod Hames  כבוד המת (Respect for the Deceased).  In addition, to offer assistance and comfort to our most traditional families, we will always help facilitate communications with various local Chevra Kadisha volunteer organizations throughout Los Angeles.

In accordance with Jewish tradition and out of respect for the departed, regardless if a family chooses the observance of Taharah for their loved one, only men will care for men and only women will care for women in the Mount Sinai mortuary.

Please note that although there is a privately-owned  mortuary in Los Angeles named "Chevra Kadisha Mortuary", that establishment is not a volunteer society.

For additional questions about Traditional Jewish Funeral practices, please click HERE.



Mount Sinai serves our community by offering
traditional Chevra Kadisha services