Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries
provides Traditional Jewish Mortuary and Funeral services

Proudly serving our community with Jewish mortuary and cemetery services for over 60 years.


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Honoring our Jewish heritage
Jewish Mortuary and Funeral Home services performed in accordance with tradition. When a death occurs, call
1-800-600-0076 for immediate assistance.


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A sacred place for establishing new family traditions
Surrounded by majestic mountain vistas, Mount Sinai Simi Valley cemetery was developed to serve the needs of the Jewish community for many generations to come.


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An iconic landmark in the Hollywood Hills
Serving Los Angeles for 60 years, Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills offers a serene Jewish cemetery sanctuary accented by colorful gardens and elegant architecture.

Dedicated to the entire Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles

Message From Our General Manager

Whenever I hear from family members who write or call to express their thanks and appreciation for the services provided by Mount Sinai, I am reminded of the significance of what we do here every day.

However, as proud as I am of the professionalism of our staff, I recognize that some of the most heartfelt appreciation is relayed when a family learns that their loved one made all of his or her funeral arrangements in advance with a Mount Sinai Funeral Trust.

It’s a scenario I have witnessed numerous times. After a death, the family makes an appointment with one of our Memorial Counselors, fully anticipating that they will be making the arrangements as well as paying for all expenses related to the funeral. As the meeting progresses and the family learns that the deceased had set up a Funeral Trust, they are always surprised, pleased and ultimately relieved, to discover this unexpected “gift” from their loved one.

A Mount Sinai Funeral Trust outlines the details which were arranged ahead of time by the deceased. His or her choices are thoughtfully spelled out so that the family does not have to make the most emotional choices including casket selection, burial attire, Jewish traditions to incorporate and even who should lead the service. Those who set up a funeral trust in advance understand that making these arrangements ahead of time will ultimately provide substantial emotional and financial comfort to their families.

Planning in advance means taking care of your family during a time when they need it most. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about setting up a Mount Sinai Funeral Trust.

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