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Mount Sinai Obituaries and Services » Ronald J. Rubenstein

Ronald J. Rubenstein

November 9, 2014

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Miss you more every day
Lit by Hannah Rubenstein
I miss you
Lit by Jeffrey Rubenstein
For all the yesterdays...
Lit by "I"
FOUR DECADES! To say we grew up with Ron and Ilene is exactly that. We raised our families together and became so close it melded into one. It's difficult to single out one memory as there are so many. But I have to smile as I recall the numerous businesses Ilene and I were forever conjuring up and Ron knew what that meant- Business Cards! How could we start a business without our cards and how he laughed at us. But Ron, being Ron, created our "Gal Motion" with the cutest logo, the best-ever illustration of "Jock Strop" and the "Banana Warmers"...all with tongue in cheek fore we never went through with our ventures. I remember all the fun we had working in his office on the launch of Slo Pitch Magazine. How he would shake his head finding Ilene and I lounging in the pool with wine and a book in our faces. Nobody could build a sandwich like Ron; took forever as he meticulously created his lox and bagel masterpiece (all while we waited to eat) and nobody could come close to his infamous ice cream sundaes. I laugh and cry when I think of the Polish New Years party and, of course, Ron and "pinecones". But most of all how much he loved his "Ilene", Jeff and Marta. How proud he was at being such a young grandpa to 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. He loved his family. So many memories! One thing is for sure, you will never be forgotten. Love you Ron.
Lit by Suzi Bruno
We have planted trees in Israel in honor of Ron's life. He may be gone from the physical presence we all know but he will live on in nature.
Lit by Beverly and Lou DeAngelo
Ron I love and miss you my old friend. We met as young couples back in the 1960's. We shared many good meals and great times but most of all great laughs. We were playing Trivial Pursuit and the answer was suppose to be Hop-a-long Cassidy....Ron in all his enthusiasm shouts out the answer as Hop-a-long had to hear the laughter and every now and then I would call him my Hop-a-long Pickens. Yes, Ron I will miss your smile and your e-mails and knowing even though you were three thousand miles away, you were always there. Rest in peace and we will all see you someday. Love your forever friend.
Lit by Beverly DeAngelo
I have such heart felt memories of Ron. He was filled with funny jokes, fun times and was so creative. I remember hanging out at your house in Northridge playing and he always had a smile on his face. Always wanted to play with me but I was way too shy but he still flashed that awesome smile and tried. I loved his warm and sweet energy. He was such a great father and my parents loved him too. I remember how much he loved his little schnauzers especially Pepsi. There are so many memories and my heart is heavy for the loss of such an amazing father, husband and friend. My deepest condolences to your family. Love to you all, Samantha Sackler. (Bruno)
Lit by Samantha Sackler
Hello Rubenstein Family I just wanted to send a letter about how sorry I am for your loss. Ron Rubenstein was a Great man. When I was living in California he was a Great Mentor for me, he opened up his home and his business and his heart to me to talk about DREAMS and History of Sports and I loved it. I would go over to the house every Tuesday night and Ron opened his home to me and we would sit and have dinner that he would fix for us. His favorite was Fish with Creole seasoning and Cuscus. However the most Amazing thing is that I am what you would call the Step Father to his Grand kids Ben and Molly but that term was never used he treated me as one of the family. I am so thankful that our paths crossed. I am a better Man Husband and Father because of it. You will be missed but never for gotten Pop Pop Ron Thank you, Ryan Prather
Lit by Ryan Prather
I didn't really know your dad, but I know you Marta and I know how proud of you he had to be. I know how much you loved him. There is such a special father-daughter bond. I know you will miss him.
Lit by Shellie
Right now I'm in shock. God bless Ron. I thought all this was because he was retiring Irene sooo sorry. Ron. I met both time and Irene over 30 years ago I'm a server and the two would come into my restraunt. They were just always so kind and encouraging. They became friends. Although we lost touch. He was so kind and tried to get my then baby girl into a commercial. I'm sadden by my just relizing he's gone. God bless you Ron When I think of you and your family I always smile Xxoo to you and yours.
Lit by Margie smith
Thank you Ron for the memories and for being an amazing Grandfather to our kids. We will never forget you.
Lit by Lisa and Ryan Prather
We didnt know Ron for a long time but will always remember how kind and respectful he was...also he had a great smile. Tom and Ginnie Lang
Lit by Ginnie
My favorite memory of Ron is the way he smiled when he would bite into his chocolate croissant. Sunday morning coffee is when Carl amp; I will miss him the most.
Lit by Carl & Ann Bode
You will be remembered in my prayers. I know my cousin Ilene holds you close in her heart. God Bless You.
Lit by Sheila Carroll
I am just so glad I met you over 30+ years ago. My happiest moment was at our reunion this past September. God Bless you Ron, and may you R.I.P.
Lit by Penny
...Dodger games, playing Barbies in Glade Ave courtyard, Trick or Treating, swimming in your pool, hearing your Dad yell Ma'w'rta in his very special way, weddings, FB, his big smile...he and Ilene always so warmly welcoming me into their home... I'm so grateful to have known him and hope all our lives will be continually be touched by the life he lived so well. Sending much love to all Ron's family and friends.
Lit by Allison McInerney