Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries
provides Traditional Jewish Mortuary and Funeral services

Proudly serving our community with Jewish mortuary and cemetery services for over 60 years.


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Honoring our Jewish heritage
Jewish Mortuary and Funeral Home services performed in accordance with tradition. When a death occurs, call
1-800-600-0076 for immediate assistance.


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A sacred place for establishing new family traditions
Surrounded by majestic mountain vistas, Mount Sinai Simi Valley cemetery was developed to serve the needs of the Jewish community for many generations to come.


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An iconic landmark in the Hollywood Hills
Serving Los Angeles for 60 years, Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills offers a serene Jewish cemetery sanctuary accented by colorful gardens and elegant architecture.

Dedicated to the entire Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles

Message from our General Manager

I am very excited to announce the launch our new online Yahrzeit reminder service, Digital Yahrzeit.

This complimentary web application, created by Mount Sinai, will send you a personalized Yahrzeit reminder via email each year as a gentle reminder of an upcoming Yahrzeit.

It is Jewish custom to light a 24 hour Yahrzeit candle to observe the anniversary (Yahrzeit) of the death of a loved one, but how do you know exactly when to light the candle?  Depending on family tradition, Yahrzeit dates may be observed on either the English (Gregorian) or Hebrew calendar. Because many people do not use or are not familiar with the Hebrew calendar, your Digital Yahrzeit email reminder will become an important electronic notification tool which ensures that you will not miss the Yahrzeit observance for your family members or friends.

Once you have registered on Digital Yahrzeit , you will have the ability to “light” the animated candle on screen in observance of future Yahrzeits, and the Festivals on which it is also tradition to light a candle -  Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot.

Digital Yahrzeit is free to all who register, whether you have loved ones buried at Mount Sinai or far away.

To set up your personal Digital Yahrzeit notifications,
please click the candle below.
I look forward to hearing your feedback about Digital Yahrzeit.

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