Dear friends,

At the current time, our Genizah storage area at Mount Sinai Simi Valley is at full capacity. We are sorry to inform the community that until further notice we cannot accept any materials that should be buried in the Genizah.

We are working hard to create a new Genizah in Simi Valley as quickly as possible.  Once this is completed we will begin accepting Shemmot again.
We apologize for any inconvenience.



Howard Kaplan
General Manager



Genizah means "reserved" or "hidden" in Hebrew, and is traditionally a place where Jews store sacred documents when they fall out of use.

As a service to the community and in accordance with Jewish tradition, Mount Sinai buries worn out siddurim (prayer books), Torah scrolls, tefellin and other sacred materials containing the Hebrew name of God in our parks. We do this to show respect for God's holy name. Since 1999 all Mount Sinai book burials have taken place at Mount Sinai Simi Valley.

Currently, the area we have allocated for genizah book burials in Mount Sinai Simi Valley is full; and we are working to identify a new area in the park for this purpose. Once this is completed we will once again begin accepting materials on an appointment-only basis.

We apologize for any inconvenience.