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Where to Find a Jewish Funeral Home in Los Angeles, CA

Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries is committed to honoring the lives of all those who enter our gates. For over 60 years, we have been serving the Jewish community of Los Angeles, CA and the nearby areas by serving the living with all of the respect dictated by our Jewish heritage and tradition. We will guide you through every step of the process by giving you peace of mind and comfort during your time of need. We are on-site to assist you 24 hours each day, from transporting and caring for the deceased to working with you to make all the service arrangements as well as selecting the most appropriate burial site. Give us a call today at 323-469-6000 for more information.

When preparing funeral services for someone you love, it’s important to bring family and cultural traditions to these services. If you carry the Jewish tradition through the generations, then the best decision you will make is to hire a Jewish funeral home in Los Angeles, CA.

Our team at Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries is here to help with anything you need for Jewish funeral planning. Not only are we experts in the funeral home industry, but we work with many families that come from Jewish backgrounds. As a result, we understand and respect the practices and traditions that are often associated with Jewish customs.

What types of traditions would you like to integrate into this event? You’re invited to schedule a consultation with our funeral planning team so that we can learn more about your preferences. Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries are here to help with every stage of the funeral planning process: preplanning, the day of the service, post-funeral support for the family, and more.

Los Angeles, CA Jewish Funeral Home

Traditions and Practices in a Jewish Funeral Home in Los Angeles, CA

When you choose Jewish funeral services, you are preparing an event and burial for your loved one with specific traditions and cultural influences related to your family heritage. Of course, some of these funeral practices are similar to what you see at other types of funerals. But certain elements are unique to the Jewish culture.

Additionally, you might notice nuances in the traditions since practices can vary from community to community. Both Jewish traditions and local laws are elements that will influence the type of practices incorporated in a Jewish funeral. Here is an overview of some of the most common elements included in Jewish funeral traditions:

  • Location for the Service: The standard practice is to hold the funeral service at the cemetery – the location of burial. But some families like to have a service at a funeral home or synagogue. Then a procession moves to the cemetery, where a graveside gathering happens.
  • Timeline for Burial: Traditionally, Jewish burial should happen within 24 hours after death. So, there is a very short timeline to finalize the details and lay a loved one to rest. But modern practices allow for a little more flexibility in the timeline. For example, the funeral might be delayed by a few days if family and friends need time to travel to the funeral location. Also, funerals aren’t scheduled on Shabbat or Jewish holidays.
  • Casket Materials: Jewish tradition requires that the casket is simple and made of wood only. No other materials are used in the construction because they avoid materials unnatural to the earth. These kosher caskets don’t have ornate decorations. Also, most services have a closed casket, and embalming is not encouraged.
  • Burial Participation: It is believed that people need help finding the final resting place when they pass away. So, the procession of family and friends is designed to help the deceased rest in peace. Traditionally, funeral attendees throw handfuls of dirt onto the casket as an act of service and love.
  • Jewish Mourners: Certain family members are “official” mourners, including the spouse, children, parents, and siblings. There are specific roles and responsibilities these people follow during the mourning period. Other friends and family offer comfort and support to the mourners in the weeks and months after the funeral.

These are just a few of the practices and traditions – many other elements might be included in the services. You are welcome to talk to our team at Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries to learn more about the services available from a Jewish funeral home in Los Angeles, CA.

You Won’t Regret Choosing a Jewish Funeral Home

Even though general funeral homes can accommodate requests for Jewish traditions, there are undeniable benefits to choosing a funeral director who specializes in Jewish funerals. Our team is proactive about adhering to the strict practices and right heritage found in Jewish tradition. We know that these traditions have been carried through the generations, and we are here to ensure that you can continue the practices.

Rest assured, knowing that we are already familiar and experienced with Jewish practices and customs. We’ve built streamlined systems to integrate these details into each event, making it as convenient and straightforward as possible for you to plan services for your loved one. This funeral will be both commemorative and respectful for the deceased and support the needs of the family members in attendance.

Local Funeral Services

What do you need to know about planning a Jewish funeral? When you are ready to get started, then reach out to our Jewish funeral home in Los Angeles, CA, for more information. We are located at 5950 Forest Lawn Dr, Los Angeles, CA. You may also call us at (323) 469-6000 for immediate assistance.

At Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, we offer full-service solutions to help you maintain traditions and honor your loved one at the same time.

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