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What to Expect from a Jewish Funeral Home in Beverly Hills, CA

Every day we perpetuate the memory of the loved, provide solace to the bereaved, and above all, serve the Jewish community in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding area. Since 1954, we have been honoring the deceased and serving the living with all of the respect dictated by our Jewish heritage and tradition. We provide an honest and supportive environment to help you make decisions that make you feel comfortable. We serve the entire Jewish community from the most secular to the most observant. Our advisors are here to help you and your family understand the important decisions you will need to make. Whatever your traditions, whether familial or religious, we are here to help guide you through the process. Call us today at 323-469-6000 for more details.

When it is time to say goodbye to someone you love, it’s common for families to bring in traditions and cultural influences for the funeral services. If you come from a Jewish background, consider hiring a Jewish funeral home in Beverly Hills, CA, to ensure you work with a team that understands and respects your preferences.

While there are similarities between Jewish funerals and other types of funerals, the small details make all the difference. So, there are undeniable benefits to choosing a funeral director who already understands the standard practices associated with these traditions.

What are your preferences and desires for this upcoming event? We invite you to contact us at Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries to learn more about available services and support. We are here to assist with all stages of the planning process, helping you create a day that aligns with your family customs and preferences.

Beverly Hills, CA Jewish Funeral Home

Unique Services from a Jewish Funeral Home in Beverly Hills, CA

Jewish funeral services include elements similar to other traditional services, such as burial in a cemetery and gathering family and friends. Additionally, additional details are unique to specific Jewish communities. Some of these practices are guided by Jewish traditions. Other cemetery practices happen because of local regulations and laws. But there are some key concepts practiced in many Jewish families:

  • Service Location: One common trend is to hold the services at the graveside. In other situations, the services might begin at a funeral home or synagogue, with a procession to the cemetery for a graveside service before burial.
  • Scheduling the Funeral: The timeline sets the Jewish community apart from other funeral services. The tradition is to complete the burial as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours after death. But it isn’t always possible to hold the services so quickly, especially when family members need to travel for the services. So, modern services might be a few days after death. Also, Jewish funerals are never scheduled on Jewish holidays or Shabbat.
  • Type of Casket: According to Jewish tradition, only a simple casket should be used for burial. The materials are completely biodegradable, with no elements of the casket that could harm the earth. Kosher caskets are made of wood only and don’t include nails. Additionally, embalming isn’t permitted unless it is required by law. Typically, Jewish funeral services have a closed casket at the funeral service.
  • Participation in the Burial: In Jewish tradition, it is believed that loved ones need help finding their resting place. So, the family accompanies the casket to the cemetery, then participates in the burial process by throwing handfuls of dirt on the casket. Placing the earth in the burial site is seen as an act of love and service.
  • Jewish Mourners: There are specific responsibilities and requirements for Jewish mourners to participate in these traditions. “Official” mourners include the spouse, parents, children, and siblings of the deceased. They have specific roles that must be followed to maintain tradition. In the weeks following the funeral, friends and family comfort the mourners to show how much they care.

Many other traditions and practices might be included in a Jewish funeral service. It’s up to the family to decide on the cultural elements they would like to add. Our funeral planning staff is here to accommodate your requests, ensuring that the schedule and practices align with your preferences in every detail.

Why Choose a Jewish Funeral Home?

Many funeral homes are willing to accommodate your requests for Jewish traditions as part of the services. But nothing beats the convenience and support you will receive when working with a Jewish funeral home in Beverly Hills, CA. Our team adheres to the rich heritage and strict practices that have been carried through the generations.

We are familiar with Jewish customs and practices, making integrating these details into the services as simple and convenient as possible. You can rest assured knowing that we’ve coordinated these types of funeral services many times before. This hands-on experience ensures that everyone has a respectful, memorable day when attending the funeral services.

Reach Out to a Jewish Funeral Director

If you want to include Jewish traditions in an upcoming event, then contact our team for more information. We offer traditional services or a blend of traditions and modern elements based on your family’s requests. You can contact us for immediate care, or we are happy to assist with preplanning when you know the services will be happening in the coming weeks or months.

For more information, you can visit our offices at 5950 Forest Lawn Dr, Los Angeles, CA and at 6150 Mount Sinai Dr, Simi Valley, CA. You may also call us at (323) 469-6000 for more details.

Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries is here to help with anything that you need.  Our full-service approach ensures that you have the best experience possible as you navigate the funeral planning process.

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