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Artwork at Hollywood Hills

The four seasons are located as follows:

SPRING (the Nisan cycle) upper left;

AUTUMN (the Tishri cycle) lower right;

WINTER (the Tebeth cycle) upper right;

SUMMER (the Tammuz cycle) lower left.

The Zodiac Mosaic was installed in 1974, is a faithful reproduction of the central portion of the 6th century Beth Alpha Synagogue floor (located in the Jezreal Valley of Israel). This mosaic recreation is five times as large as the original. The mosaic was originally installed as a cover and portal to Mount Sinai’s Genizah (storage area) where Hebrew prayer books and text are buried when they are no longer in usable condition.

Starting from the steps (at 6 o’clock) and reading clockwise, the symbols of the Zodiac and the corresponding Hebrew months are as follows: Capricorn (Tishri), Sagittarius (Ellul), Scorpio (Ab), Libra (Tammuz), Virgo (Sivan), Leo (Iyar), Cancer (Nisan), Gemini (Adar), Tauras (Shebat), Aries (Tebeth), Pisces (Kislev), and Aquarius (Heshvan).

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