When one is considering Traditional Lawn Burial, it is important to understand that Mount Sinai, as well as most of today's newly constructed cemetery properties, are architecturally pre-engineered to accommodate different burial configurations. It is important to recognize the options available to you so that you can make the right choice for you and your family. 

Single Lawn Crypt

Two side by side casket configuration

Spaces designated as "Singles" have been "pre-crypted" with burial vaults which sit side by side. Each single space has it's own unique Memorial Tablet. 

Double Lawn Crypt

Spaces designated as "Doubles" have been "pre-crypted" with a tall, double depth burial vault. In this configuration,the two burials can occur in the same size ground space as a Single burial. The two spaces will share a memorial tablet which can accommodate two inscriptions. 

Burial Vaults are lined and sealed concrete receptacles which "house" the casket to protect it from the weight of the earth and prevent the ground from settling and sinking. While planning a new section, our engineers create section maps which indicate the placement of the burial vaults and during construction, the vaults are placed under the earth.