Our new Jewish Family Traditions advertising campaign is getting noticed. 

Our goal with this campaign is to tell an ongoing story about a fictional Jewish family in Los Angeles by focusing on the baby boomer parents who are in the process of making their funeral plans in advance. Each character in the "Rossman Family" was developed to represent a specific point of view, and through their interactions, we will address how many families react to the idea of pre-planning,  We encourage you to click on each family member's photograph to learn about their feelings about advance planning.

Do you recognize similarities to your own family? Do you see yourselves or your children in the characters we have created?
We look forward to your feedback as the narrative of this family unfolds.

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Mom for website FT

Joan / Mom

Age 63
She’s a retired teacher

Although Jewish traditions are important to her, she likes to modernize many of the Jewish traditions.

Albert / Dad

Age 66
He's a retail executive

Jewish traditions are extremely important to Albert.  He is an avid storyteller and always the life of the party.

Dad for website FT

David for website FT


Age 32

He's an architect with an upcoming firm in LA.

Interests:  cycling, hiking, green initiatives

           He has a long term Jewish girlfriend, but hasn’t proposed yet.

Ariella for website FT


Age 26

She’s a student at Southwestern Law School.  She has her undergrad from Cal Poly.

Interests:  running, pilates and yoga. 

She’s very close to mom and is living at home while going to law school.


Jake for website FT


Age 28

He’s an aspiring actor / musician who also works part time. 

Interests:  music, movies, cross-fit. 

Jake is the most laid back member of this family. He dropped out of college to pursue his acting/music career.


Click below to see the :30 television commercial which was
created as part of our Jewish Family Traditions advertising campaign.