Our new Jewish Family Traditions advertising campaign is getting noticed.

Our original goal with this campaign was to tell an ongoing story about a fictional Jewish family in Los Angeles by focusing on the baby boomer parents who are in the process of making their funeral plans in advance. Each character in the "Rossman Family" was developed to represent a specific point of view, and through their interactions, we address how many families react to the idea of pre-planning,

However, as developed the campaign, the characters began to take on lives of their own and their stories went way beyond their interest or disinterest in pre-planning.  So in the spirit of fun, we will be sharing updates of the Rossman family whose lives may be similar to Jewish families we know too well.

Look for future posts on this page and on the Rossman page on Facebook to find out what's going on!

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Rossman Family Update 2018

June 15, 2018

Quite a lot has changed since we last checked in on the Rossmans,
In June, Jake graduated CSUN with a BA in Political Science. He is currently hoping to work for an internet startup company in Venice.

But who is the mystery man holding hands with Ariella? Stay tuned to find out!

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It’s Official – Ariella’s Engaged

July 19, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rossman of Los Angeles, CA are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Ariella Lynn to Stephen Miller, son of Rita and Edward Miller of Canton Ohio.  Ariella met Stephen their first year at Loyola Law School and they have been a couple ever since.  Now comes the fun of planning the wedding.  Ariella and Stephen would like to have a small destination wedding in Maui while their parents would prefer a wedding in either of their home towns so that the relatives can easily attend.

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