At the conclusion of Shloshim, the traditional 30-day period of mourning, a Mount Sinai representative will contact the family to help them create their memorial tablet (matzevah) which represents a permanent symbol of remembrance. Our staff will assist you every step of the way to design a personalized tablet, in either Granite or Bronze, that offers meaningful  and personal expression.

Tablet Examples


Example of a 28" x 20" Galaxy Black Granite Tablet



Example of a 28" x 20" Bronze Tablet

Let Us Help You Create the Memorial Tablet


Sophisticated and refined, Granite Memorial Tablets are quickly gaining popularity because they enable families to create a deeply-personal work of art to honor the memory of their loved ones. Throughout history, stone engravings have been used for various purposes, from chronicling important historical events to memorializing loved ones. Today, most stone memorials are constructed from granite due to its extremely hard surface and its wide range of colors formed by nature.

Available Colors of Granite:

Sierra Gray

Ebony Black

Blue Pearl

Oxford Gray

Bright Red



(Evergreen is only available for wall crypts)


Traditional and classic, our Bronze Memorial Tablets convey a message of timeless elegance and have been used to mark graves at Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries since we opened in 1955. Bronze is an alloy metal consisting of copper, tin, traces of zinc, lead and other elements. Bronze holds up beautifully, and historically has been used to make coins, ship fittings and more recently, tools, statues and grave markers. Every bronze Memorial Tablet is hand-poured using a sand-casting method to shape the metal. Mount Sinai offers a broad range of options to design a personalized Memorial Tablet including choice of fonts and letter size, textures, borders and emblems.

A variety of styles and borders are available in Bronze:


To ensure that your Memorial Tablet retains its beauty, Mount Sinai now offers a Tablet Maintenance Program  
To learn more about the Tablet Maintenance Program, please CLICK HERE
or call 800-600-0076 and ask to speak to an Advance Planning Representative.



Tablet Samples

Sample tablet bronze Solomon Baruch and Pauline Kohan

Sample bronze memorial Tablet Esther Sidowitz
Sample tablet bronze Abraham W. Wolff

Sample tablet Bronze David Yedidya Mizrahi


Sample tablet Granite Boris Abromovich