Leaving small stones or pebbles on a grave is a generations-old tradition which has been adapted by many Jewish families. There are many explanations for this custom, but the one that is frequently conveyed is that by placing a rock or a pebble on top of the tombstone, we honor the deceased by letting people know that the grave site has recently been visited.

Mount Sinai offers all visitors small packets soft pebbles which can be left behind at graveside. Unlike traditional hard rocks, these limestone pebbles, which are imported directly from Jerusalem, will not scratch nor damage memorial tablets.

Mount Sinai has received many questions regarding the providence of our unique Jerusalem stones, so we are pleased to share the following photos:


Mount Sinai ships in boxes of Jerusalem stone directly from Israel. The stones arrive as large stones which are subsequently broken up into small pebbles. 


The stones are then broken with a hammer  into small pebbles. 


After being broken up into small pieces, the soft limestone pebbles are are placed in individual paper envelopes which are offered complimentary to all of our park visitors.