An ancient tradition re-interpreted for modern times

  • The Caves of Abraham is the only burial place of its type outside of Israel
  • Built directly into the hillside to comply with strict Halachic standards. Each individual crypt is surrounded by earth mixed with handfuls of earth from Jewish cemeteries around the world
  • Sheltered from the elements, welcoming, and serene, the specious layout within the Caves of Abraham evokes a feeling of calming tranquility
  • Designed to human scale, all spaces are nested within three levels, allowing one to touch the topmost tablet or easily place a stone or small memento upon the private ledge
  • Substantial Savings currently available. Click Here to request information about The Caves of Abraham.

The Caves of Abraham at Mount Sinai Simi Valley

One of several entrances to The Caves of Abraham



Interior view of the Caves of Abraham


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