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Rosalyn Westreich

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April 17, 2017

Hi Nana, It bothers me it doesn't say a date on here for when you passed when I know it was sometime in October of 2010. I hope you made amends for all the things you did and I hope Pampa forgave you/you forgave him even though I don't think he ever did anything wrong (even if he did)...Anyway of course I would never forget you. I can't believe you would think that. You always reminded me that when we made chocolate milk, I never spilled even the slightest bit of Ovaltine chocolate powder :)) Of course not!!! (Hi Pampa ---I'm a chocolate addict like you)....In fact, in remembrance of you, for now on, I shall try making chocolate milk with that powder. However, no one will ever spread cream cheese on a bagel quite like you! I hope you see your internal light now and love yourself. Please try teaching your blood members to not treat people that way though and heal them. I think that is your mission 🙂 Love you In our/my heart, Bre