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Mount Sinai Obituaries and Services » Rita Rubin

Rita Rubin

September 19, 2012

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I only knew Rita through her husband Bob.....Bob would share with me many times about Rita's wonderful qualities...her strength....and her courage in facing a terribly tough disease. Rita's soul is know in a place where it can rest and unfold without the pain of her physical shell..I know that her Neshama misses Bob horrendously.....may Bob be comforted by all mourners of Zion and Yerushalyim.
Lit by Don Broudy
What an example of a life that is Rita...she made me want to be a better human being..determination, perseverance, and compassion in abundance..I will never forget you Rita..will love and treasure your memory as I celebrate your life...
Lit by Les
Rita was a gentle soul.. I remember when she first hired me to work for Bracco Inc. I felt a she was great person to work for and I enjoyed her warm smile when i use to come into the office. She will be missed by me...
Lit by Hector Delgadillo
Rita's warm and loving nature was a gift to me, and to all those she connected with. She was always concerned with the well being of others and lovingly willing to be of service. I was proud to work for a company that called her President. We shared the joy of discussing the antics of 7 year old boys, she absolutely adored children, and her grandson especially, lighting up at the mention of his name.Thank you Rita for blessing my life. love joy
Lit by Joy Valenza