Mount Sinai7 Day Yahrzeit Candle lit after a Jewish funeral

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Rituals Relating to a Jewish Funeral

When one faces the task of planning a Jewish funeral, there are decisions to make which relate to Jewish laws, customs and traditions. At their core, the Jewish principles relating to the care of the deceased emphasize Dignity, Respect and Simplicity.  These principles are evident in every aspect of Mount Sinai’s services.  Mount Sinai respects that no two families are alike and we do our best to advise our client families of their options.  After that, it is up to the family to decide which traditions to incorporate.

Death is a subject that may not have been easily discussed among family members, nor is it typically taught in religious schools.  This is a possible explanation of why many people today may be unsure or unaware of our Jewish customs regarding the care of the deceased.

Our Mount Sinai Guide to Traditional Jewish Funeral Practices can be downloaded as a PDF. Or if you want, you can fill out the form below to receive it in hard copy format by mail.

Download the Mount Sinai Guide to Traditional Jewish Funeral Practices

If you have additional questions about Jewish Funeral Planning or Customs, please visit our FAQ page.