Mount Sinai Funeral Trust is a wise way to plan the most important aspects of your funeral and assure that money is set aside to meet those expenses.

By establishing an interest-earning Mount Sinai Funeral Trust, you’ll help to defray the vast majority of the costs of your funeral — leaving your loved ones with little or no additional financial responsibility. While Mount Sinai cannot guarantee that all expenses will be covered (given inflation or higher costs in the future), a trust designed by you is a sensible way to insulate your family and loved ones from financial stress at the time of your death.

Creating a funeral trust also helps you to determine and define what funeral services you want. No one will have to guess about your wishes later. By taking care of the future now you’ll be leaving a gift of love to those you care for most.

Along with your Funeral Trust, we will also record your personal history, funeral service preferences, location of your property and other vital information in our Memorial Record and Guide. This valuable document is held in strictest confidence and is safeguarded by us on your behalf. At the time of need, it will be immediately available to your family.

You can learn more about Mount Sinai Funeral Trusts by speaking with an Advance Planning Representative. Call (800) 600-0076.