Selecting burial property is an extremely personal choice and your decision may be guided by a number of factors including family tradition, location, cost and personal preference.  Mount Sinai offers a broad range of burial and interment options in both of our cemetery properties, so we encourage you to contact us so that we can help guide you through the selection process. 


Traditional Ground Burial

Traditional Lawn Spaces
This “traditional” interment choice consists of a single space available in a variety of beautiful settings.

Artist rendering of single burial space

Lawn Crypts
The lawn crypt is cement-lined and consists of one space above the other, located in our garden areas or courts. Pre-crypted spaces offer families an excellent property value.

Artist rendering of horizontal companion crypt

Companion and Family Estates

Companion Estates
Our Companion Estates are especially fitting for couples and feature two side-by-side spaces arranged in front of a wall for semi privacy along with a granite pillow block for the family name.  All of our Companion Estates feature special decorative plantings, and are accented by benches to provide a resting space for each of four or five estates.

Family Estates
Our Family Estates are similar to Companion Estates, but feature two double-depth lawn crypts sitting side-by-side, which allows for up to four interments. Additionally, many of our Family Estates feature enhanced styles of pillow blocks.


Family Gardens

Mount Sinai Family Garden

Family Gardens

Our beautiful and distinguished family gardens offer the utmost in privacy where you can honor and cherish your loved ones all together.  These beautifully landscaped enclosures offer between four and twelve spaces, a private granite bench for meditation, paved walkways and a pillow block in which to engrave your family name.  

Wall Crypts and The Caves of Abraham


Wall Crypts

Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries offering stately outdoor wall structures in both of our parks.  At Mount Sinai Simi Valley, we have recently completed construction on The Courts of Abraham, our first fully-outdoor wall structure.

All wall crypts and mausoleums are available in single spaces, side-by-side or front-to-back double configurations at various heights.


The Caves of Abraham

Interment within a cave is a tradition that dates to Biblical times. The earliest reference to this type of burial is in Genesis, in the account of Abraham’s acquisition of the caves of Machpelah as a burial site for his beloved wife, Sarah and future generations.

The Caves of Abraham were designed in accordance with Halachic (Jewish Law) practice, to echo the burial caves referenced in the Torah.  These crypts, which are surrounded by earth from cemeteries around the world, bring together historical practice, family heritage and contemporary purpose in a unique style.


We are currently offering special pricing for all units within the Caves of Abraham. To learn more, please call 800-600-0076 and ask to speak to an Advance Planning Representative.

Family Mausoleums and Sarcophagi

Family Mausoleums

Mount Sinai is honored to be the sole Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles currently offering families the option of constructing free-standing mausoleum structures.

The act of constructing a Mausoleum for beloved family members represents the ultimate public display of of eternal love and honor.  Like mausoleums constructed hundreds of years ago in Israel, India and Europe, our custom mausoleums are designed according to each family's wishes to create a highly personal and meaningful memorial.  

Our mausoleums are constructed from imported stone and surrounded by gardens and flowering trees.  Additionally, the entire section overlooks a protected public nature reserve which ensures that the stunning surrounding views will never change.

Courts of Abraham at Mount Sinai Simi Valley Columbarium

Family Sarcophagi 

The new Courts of Abraham section at Mount Sinai Simi Valley offers gated sarcophagus structures which can accommodate up to six burials. Both sarcophagus structures surround magnificent granite mosaics designed by the artists of Laurie Gross Studios which depict well known scenes from Abraham and Sarah's lives as described in the Torah.