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Advance Planning – Making Jewish Funeral Plans in Advance

Though burying and mourning a loved one is a process that everyone must go through, making decisions on behalf of the deceased does not have to be.
To take good care of your family, it's important to make your funeral plans in advance.
is is the essence of Advance Planning.

The objective of Mount Sinai’s Pre-Planning Program is to help you protect your family when you’re no longer here to do it yourself. By planning well in advance of need, you will know that those closest to you will be spared hours of difficult decision making and unexpected expenses during an extremely emotional time.

Making funeral plans before the prime of life... provides these important advantages:

  1. You and your spouse / partner are able to reach a sound, sensible decision together, at your convenience and without emotional stress.
  2. Your survivors will be spared from a difficult ordeal because in most cases, it is the widow or children who have to make all of the funeral arrangements during this emotional time.
  3. You may choose semi-developed property at substantial savings and with a wider selection.
  4. You save the increase in property costs due to taxes and inflation.
  5. Property can be purchased on convenient and affordable monthly terms.
  6. You can enjoy the present more... knowing you have already taken the mature and affordable action.


The Mount Sinai Funeral Trust can help to defray most of the costs of the mortuary and funeral plans you select. This usually includes professional services, preparation of the deceased, choosing the rabbi, selecting the casket and planning which Jewish funeral traditions you wish to incorporate. By making these plans in advance, your family members will have minimal financial responsibility at the time the services are performed. It is also a good way to make certain that your family knows your preferences rather than leaving others to guess what you would have wanted.

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